Lay Brothers of the Poor



The Lay Brothers of the Poor, a fully registered IRS 501(c) (3) Non-Profit Corporation, was originally called "The Lay Brothers of Mother Teresa".

The organization evolved from a founding individual/family. Marcos and Corina Lopez, together with their two young children, reached out to help a troubled, scared Mexican teenage boy in a dentition center.

They encouraged and coordinated many Catholics individuals/families donating money, canned foods and their time to help feed the poorest of the poor in our surrounding area of influence. Although the Lopez family from St. Anthony’s in Imperial have been the heart of this mission of love, we now have friends of The Poor from all the parishes in the Imperial Valley, and throughout the world.

Today, Lay Brothers of the Poor delivers thousands of pounds of groceries and meals during our major projects of God’s love. Our major projects take place close to our holiest Christian holidays: Christmas and Easter. Of course, we do have many smaller projects during the year. One of my favorites is our project at the orphanages in the Mexicali area. This one usually takes place in May of each year. The Organization happens to have a real soft spot for one of the most vulnerable groups in our society: children.